Blueberry frozen yoghurt with red berries in syrup

To make our dessert yours

4 peoples 30 min preparation 1h


4 jars of Marie Morin blueberry frozen yoghurt

300 g of red berries

100 of sugar

1 organic lemon

Step 1

Pour the yoghurts into the ice-cream maker and let them churn for about twenty minutes until you get the perfect texture.

Step 2

Empty the ice-cream into a dish with a cover. Leave in the freezer for an hour.

Step 3

In a pan, heat 30 cl of water with the sugar and some lemon rind scraped off with a peeler. Cook for 3 minutes then leave to cool. Filter the syrup.

Step 4

Wash the berries, put them in a bowl with the syrup and place them in the fridge.

Step 5

At the last minute, scoop some ice-cream balls into a dish. Top with syrup-covered red berries. Plaster with red berries and serve.


You can also make delicious ice-cream with any other flavour of Marie Morin organic yoghurt : rapsberry, provence abricot or Madagascar vanilla.