Chocolate Liegeois

Marie Morin has introduced a recipe free of stabilisers and preservatives – for a creamy Liégeois dessert that is full of flavour!

Thanks to its specially-selected ingredients: the chocolate cream is prepared using milk from the farm and Bleu Blanc Coeur crème fraîche.

This cream’s smooth and generous texture is perfect for revealing the sweetness of the milk chocolate. As for the whipped cream, it was simply made using thick Paysan Breton crème fraîche, and a hint of mascarpone for even more decadence. A childhood, comforting dessert that will bring pure pleasure to your taste buds!


Breton whole milk, pure cocoa butter milk chocolate 25,8%, thick fresh cream Paysan Breton 15,5%, egg yolks, farm fresh cream, mascarpone, sugar, cocoa butter, pure lemon luice, vanilla extract.

The bold ingredients are intended for the intolerant or allergic people.

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