Creamy salted butter caramel pudding

This dessert, with its Breton touch, combines sweet vanilla with decadent salted butter caramel. Indulge in this creamy pudding on its bed of Guérande salted butter caramel, cooked in a cauldron by the Biscuiterie Brieuc biscuit shop, and get lost in the generous creaminess of this delicate oven- and bain marie-cooked dessert. The simple preservative-free recipe uses crème fraîche from the farm and organic whole milk from Breton producers!

This creamy recipe is a delight for dessert-lovers, delving them back into their childhood years.


Organic whole milk 45%, salted butter caramel with salt from Guérande 16,7%, egg yolks, farm fresh cream, sugar, vanilla extract.

The bold ingredients are intended for the intolerant or allergic people.

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