Marie Morin presents this traditional chocolate cheesecake, prepared as if it were home-made with simple ingredients. For an even tastier touch, a crunchy shortbread crust lines the bottom of the glass. Covered in a delicious dark chocolate and crème fraîche ganache, the powerful taste of chocolate will no doubt seduce you. The final touch is a delectable creamy and generous layer of Bourbon vanilla-flavoured cream cheese served on the top.

This dessert is free of all colouring agents and preservatives, and presents a subtle combination of flavours. The intense taste of chocolate is balanced out by the sweet cream cheese for a surprising taste.


Cream cheese 30%, pure cocoa butter chocolate 20,5%, fresh cream, shortbread biscuit 15% (wheat flour, butter, sugar,egg yolks, baking powder, salt), eggs, sugar, vanilla extract

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