Milk directly from the farm and organic too!

Raw material selection is essential for making delicious desserts. Marie Morin knows this and has always endeavoured to work with regional producers. As such, the family-run company naturally turned to a local dairy farmer settled in the Ille-et-Vilaine area of Brittany.

Local suppliers

In a quest to elaborating its desserts and yoghurts, Marie Morin chose to work directly with Tanguy Paranthoen, a local dairy farmer. Common, human values brought these two family-run companies together. As such, since 2016, Marie Morin has been supplied with milk directly from the farm. Aude, Tanguy’s sister, delivers it 3 times a week. This collaboration, free of any intermediaries, is based on trust and good support.

Converting to organic farming

Our new-found collaboration is enriching, both on a human and professional level. Both companies recognised their own values in the other and move forward side by side, constantly improving product quality. Tanguy is bursting with convictions and shows real affection for his cows. When he took over the farm, his desire was to focus more on his animals and start converting to organic farming – to ensure his animals’ welfare and improve milk quality. Marie Morin helped him in this approach, committing to the conversion alongside him.

What is the impact on Marie Morin’s desserts?

Marie Morin is proud of its desserts, made with delicious whole milk delivered directly from the farm. Non-standardised and non-homogenised raw milk, to preserve the texture and quality of fresh milk. Tanguy’s milk is used in our yoghurts, crème brûlée, rice pudding, semolina, floating island, clafoutis and liégeois desserts.

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