Yuzu, fruit that revives your senses!

Yuzu is what makes Marie Morin’s lemon pie so special. This small Asian fruit boasts both an intense and full flavour.

A key citrus fruit in the field of gastronomy

This citrus fruit has been acclaimed by many great names in French cuisine and can be found in stores from September to December. This little wrinkled fruit revives your taste buds with its three citrus flavours blended into one : mandarin, grapefruit and lime. A unique combination of tangy notes, for an explosive flavour. Its juice can be used as seasoning, and its zest as a condiment. Just like any other citrus fruit, yuzu has positive effects on our health – namely due to its vitamin C content meaning it is a powerful antioxidant.

Yuzu on Breton territory

In the Marie Morin lemon tart, the pure yuzu juice brings a refined and delicate touch to dishes. Fresh, lemony, tangy and intense – while remaining perfectly balanced thanks to the sweetness of the meringue – for just the right amount of acidity!

This citrus fruit from a far-away land is proof that Marie Morin – who generally sources her products locally – can pinpoint specific high-quality ingredients from places with the best know-how, bringing a refined touch to its desserts.