A crunchy shortbread biscuit

Did you say Breton, full of flavour and traditionally-made? In Marie Morin’s desserts, it can be found as a cheesecake and lemon pie base. Yet did you know that this round, golden-brown biscuit was prepared by the company’s very own baker?

Artisanal know-how

The shortbread biscuit has become a symbol of Marie Morin’s know-how, and is made by Fabien – a qualified baker. He makes this rich buttery base every day. It measures about 7 cm and its artisanal manufacture has been the pride of our SME since 2012. Fabien prepares the biscuit base using a kneading machine. He then thins it out in a rolling mill to form the circles. Once baked, they come out golden-brown and deliciously crunchy. Each biscuit base is delicately prepared then hand-placed in each verrine to add a bit of crunch to Marie Morin’s desserts: salted butter caramel cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake and yuzu lemon pie.

A shortbread biscuit from our homeland

A Breton buttery speciality, for a flavour-filled biscuit. Whatever you do, never use unsalted butter instead of salted butter, as this amazing sweet-and-savoury taste is what makes our Breton biscuits so wonderful…they really are delicious! Here at Marie Morin, our crunchy biscuits really taste home-made, and are prepared using ingredients that everyone can find in their own kitchen. Marie Morin takes pride in sourcing raw products locally. Its famous Breton biscuits are made using specially-selected ingredients.