Marie Morin glass jar

Glass jars are ecological, noble and practical, with a number of other assets that Marie Morin built on. From its cheesecakes to its chocolate mousse, Marie Morin’s desserts are preserved in glass jars made in France. Discover the 5 main advantages to glass containers:

1- Glass jars are ecological

Made from sand, limestone and soda ash, glass jars are all natural. Perhaps the most eco-friendly form of food packaging, it can easily be recycled, and in large quantities. With its delicious desserts packaged in glass jars, Marie Morin is taking a step towards protecting our planet.

2- Glass jars are safe

In addition to being natural, glass is also stable: is can bear both the heat and cold and can resist atmospheric and chemical agents. Being a safe material, glass packaging ensures that your Marie Morin desserts are optimally-preserved for a long time, whilst preserving all their original qualities.

3- Glass jars are smart

Have you ever tried drinking coffee from a paper cup, then from a glass? There is a blatant difference in taste! Glass, as opposed to other materials, is impermeable. It protects its content from external alterations and does not change its taste, smell or composition. Glass ensures higher quality.

4- Glass jars are practical

As they are see-through, glass jars cannot keep any secrets from you: you can see the product’s quality and freshness immediately, before even tasting it.

5- Glass jars are “classy”

Let’s be honest, glass is the ultimate pure and noble material. Be it satin or see-through, smooth or rough, it is always beautiful to look at. Marie Morin engraves its name on some of its made-in-France jars, as proof of authenticity and quality…they are then ready to consume!