Couverture chocolate

Marie Morin uses couverture chocolate for some of its desserts, such as its famous chocolate mousse. Couverture chocolate is pure cocoa butter cooking chocolate that makes the world of difference both visually and in terms of flavour!

Couverture chocolate – a pure form of chocolat

Couverture chocolate is extremely high quality chocolate, used essentially by chocolate-makers and pastry chefs as a raw material for their delicious desserts.

Be it dark or milk, chocolate is described as “couverture” when it contains at least 35% of cocoa, with a minimum of 31% of cocoa butter and 2.5% of non-fat cocoa solids.*

Thinner coating

In Marie Morin desserts, either dark chocolate or 55% milk chocolate is used, both made with 100% pure cocoa butter. This means that no vegetable fat has been added.

As it is naturally fine and fluid, coatings for Marie Morin desserts are more delicate than standard coatings, just like for the ganache in its chocolate cheesecake.


Gourmet, refined desserts

Marie Morin only uses healthy ingredients in its desserts, which are the most natural possible and procured locally in most cases. When combined with semi-salted butter, fresh eggs, flour or sugar, couverture chocolate reveals its intense flavours – slightly fruity and very refreshing.

*source: Syndicat du chocolat