The very best butter

Marie Morin’s desserts are so full of flavour for a reason – a special ingredient, adored by French people, brings them more smoothness, creaminess and charm: butter.

Butter – a purely Breton ingredient

Marie Morin desserts do not contain any colouring agents or preservatives…it is as if they had been home-made. Prepared with a majority of local produce and proud of its roots, Marie Morin’s desserts contain semi-salted butter (between 0.8 and 3%) from Brittany.

This is the reason why its shortbread biscuits, cakes and butter-based desserts reveal authentic and generous notes when tasted.

Butter is good for your health

When consumed in reasonable proportions, butter is an essential kind of fat and is healthy. It contains fatty acids that are essential for our body, such as Omega 3 and vitamins D and A. Although this is true, let’s be honest, butter and its comforting taste is mostly consumed for the pleasure of it!

In baking, butter in an all-important ingredient and when talking about its organoleptic qualities we use the term agent.

As a flavouring agent, butter set smells, balances and softens taste and enhances flavours.

As a texturing agent, it brings more moistness, suppleness and creaminess

As a colouring agent, it gives some foods their colour when cooking.

In a nutshell, it is a natural ingredient whose organoleptic properties offer a wide range of possibilities when preparing delicious food. That is one thing Marie Morin masters to a T.

Butter – an ingredient that means well

Butter can be used in all kinds of ways in your recipes. It means well and so do you! French people adore butter; they claim to consume about 7.5 kg per year, i.e. a massive 30 tubs per person*!

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